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Wave-up tips treatments

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

All the care your curls deserve: the Nutrat kit provides cleaning, conditioning, hydration, shine and definition.

Step by step for healthier and more beautiful curly hair!

Step 1: Wash 2x with Wave Up shampoo! Rinse until product is removed

Step 2: apply Nutraplex mask, let it action for 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse until product is removed

Step 3: Apply 1x Wave Up Conditioner! and rinse

Step 4: Finally, apply Umiditrat! massaging well. No Rinse Finisher

Tips +

  • To get a good definition of the curls, we recommend the hair to be well wet.

  • Combs or Brushes. The ideal is something suitable for combing wet hair and untangle it with care and attention. Use the one you prefer

  • When using the dryer with diffuser. Recommended at medium temperature and 15 to 20 cm away.

  • The use of the curl activator gel is always welcome for a finish with many days afters.

Get to know our finishers.

Perfect curls every day? Count on our Nutrat kit! Controls and shapes curls, provides hydration, intense shine, combats dryness and frizz and gives a soft touch. Discover this wonder that will enhance the beauty of your hair!


"I tested the PROLAB line and look at this incredible result. Hydrated, loose, shiny and defined hair.

- @emycalmon Brazilian blogger.

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