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Stripped hair?! follow the tip!

Some days we wake up wanting to change our look and wear a more laid-back look, whether on a daily basis or on the weekend.

And the messiest styling has been a hit among internet celebrities and influencers.

Style and practicality that speaks right?!

Two tips to leave your hair bare in a few steps. See how:

#1: After washing your hair with AMZ Beauty shampoo and conditioner, remove any excess moisture from the wet strands;

#2: Dry your hair freely, or with a blow dryer (without using a brush to style);

#3: With the strands dry, apply a little AMZ Beauty Leave-in and separate fine strands of your hair. Once that's done, you should wind these locks around your fingers. Make sure you do this with the hair still “hot” from the dryer so that the strands react better to the styling.

obs: if you notice that the texturing is not having much effect, you can apply a little more leave-in. (be careful with excesses).

#4: Knead the locks well with the help of a towel or a knitted fabric, from the ends towards the roots.

This other tip is great for those who already want to wake up ready with their laid-back look:

#1: Before bed, apply some AMZ Beauty Leave-in and separate the hair into two parts (top and bottom) and make two buns with these two strands.

#2: Loosen your hair the next day and style your hair as you see fit.

What's up ?!
Ready to rock the stripped-down wave with AMZ Beauty?

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