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Glass hairstyle

You have probably already seen it and asked yourself how to create that glass hairstyle that

famous and influencers use and love so much.

A hairstyle that can be used not only in casual but also in more sophisticated occasions.

Check out this simple step-by-step guide to pull off this amazing look:

#1: Thoroughly comb your hair until it is completely detangled. Prioritize wooden combs to avoid frizzy hair.

#2: Mix some gel of your preference (a drop the size of a coin), with a drop of AMZ leave-in.

#3: Apply the mixture combing your hair to the desired length, you could have it only up to your nape, giving your hair a loose ends style, or on the full length of your hair

#4: Turn on your hair diffuser on the top of your head to dry the hairstyle a

little and to keep it in place. Don’t dry it too much, make sure the glass hairstyle stays.

Note: If necessary, apply some hair fixative to keep the hairstyle for longer.

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